Project Scrapbook

Cast Aluminum Wheels for iBOT
Personal Mobility Device Aluminum Wheels
Special Steering Wheel
Sports Car Steering Wheel Design
Concept Tranmission Diagram for
Mechanical Automatic Transmission Analysis
Hybrid Transmission Design Prototype
Hybrid Transmission Prototype
Electro-Mechanical Clutch

Design & prototype clutch servo-actuator to automate manual transmission shifting
Manual Transmission Analysis

Manual Transmission Comparison Teardown
Accelerator System Performance
              Measurement Machine
Accelerator System Performance Measurement
(Presented in SAE Paper 950030)
Motorsport Clutch

Motorsport Catalog High Performance Clutch
Powered Bicycle Hub Testing

Powered Bicycle Geardrive Hub Development

Acceleration Simulation

Fuel Usage Simulation

Transmission Output Simulation
Powertrain concept evaluation by simulating fuel economy, performance & drivetrain parameters


Design Investigations in applying sine-wave motors, compact epicyclic geartrains and battery technologies to personal transportation devices

Sports Car
                Concept Sketch

Mid-Engine Sportscar Prototype

Mid-Engine Sports Car Powertrain

                Planetary Gear Reducer
Design & prototype of compact, high ratio planetary geartrain

Washing Machine Dynamometer
Laundry Machine Transmission Test Stand

                Invention Transmission Analysis
Transmission Design Analysis
including powerflow and shift transient modeling

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