Karl Racenis - Experience-based Expertise

DigiNeering, Inc.

Consulting Engineer
  • "Skilled in the art" of vehicle accelerator controls and transmission technology for intellectual property and failure analysis.
  • Applying "Design-for-Manufacturing" techniques to improve function and reduce costs of laundry appliances, motorized exercise equipment, plasma manufacturing equipment, and other mechanical products.
  • Performing Automatic and Continuously Variable (CVT) transmission simulations to optimize vehicle performance and devise control strategies.
  • Created performance & fuel economy simulation software to identify critical characteristics, select appropriate components, and formulate control strategies for hybrid concept vehicles.
  • Designing and manufacturing servo-motor powertrain actuators for an advance powertrain vehicle demonstrated at the North America International Auto Show.
Technical Specialist
  • Integrating inventor inputs, marketing surveys, and applicable patents with automotive manufacturing technology to create a unique design concept for a revolutionary electro-mechanical medical device.
  • Managing a project team of engineers, CAD designers and CAE analysts to translate that concept into a production-feasible design that included detail drawings, supporting design analysis and functional prototype units.
  • Directing NASTRAN® CAE and Pro Engineer® CAD applications to create meaningful design direction from accurate analytical results.
  • Applying Design-For-Manufacturing expertise to castings, stampings and plastic moldings, supported by effective Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing.

Automotive Concepts Technology

Consulting Engineer & Partner, Automotive Concepts Technology

  • Analysis of new transmission and hybrid powertrain concepts for technological feasibility.
  • Development of transmission and clutch components for home laundry machines.
  • Invention of specialized measurement techniques for agitation performance, bearing-race fretting, and dynamic suspension action for home laundry appliance projects.
  • Creation of an accelerator system performance measurement machine to test production variability in accelerator system response characteristics for a US automotive OEM.
  • Machine design expertise in bearing, seal, fastener, and motion control component application.
  • Engineering applications for personal computers and the Internet, including custom software creation, complex geartrain simulations, and test data analysis.
Technical Specialist to Ricardo, PLC

  • Analysis of new transmission and hybrid powertrain concepts for technological feasibility, including mechanically-controlled automatic transaxle and extended range hydraulic-mechanical transmission.
  • Consulting with overseas manufacturer on modeling the performance and economy to guide new automatic transaxle design.
  • Performing teardown inspections, design analyses, and select performance tests to compare competitive manual transmission designs.

Roush Industries

Staff Engineer, Roush Industries, Inc.

  • Managing engineering programs including a mid-engine sports car drivetrain, high performance driveline & chassis packages, and OEM powertrain concept vehicles.
  • Developing new business opportunities for the company in Australia, Mexico, the Middle East and India.
  • Creating new engineering services to satisfy customer requirements for experimental stress analysis, NVH measurement, clutch dynamics modeling, and computerized shock absorber tuning.
  • Applying project management skills to integrate customer ideas, marketing inputs, and regulatory requirements into effective, timely, cost-effective engineering programs.

General Motors

Senior Project Engineer - GM Truck and Bus Group

  • Planning, coordination, and implementation of the GM 2.5 liter passenger car engine to light truck applications. This included tracking the satisfactory completion of product validation to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and GM vehicle standards.
  • Invention of new accelerator control systems with improved functionality and a 30% cost decrease.
  • Participation in the corporate vehicle performance taskforce to evaluate customer acceptance relative to tested performance parameters and set design objectives for new powertrain programs.
Design Engineer - Chevrolet Engineering Center
  • Development and specification of clutches for front wheel drive passenger cars. The most challenging project was achieving acceptable NVH characteristics in a front-wheel-drive Diesel engine package.
  • Transaxle design upgrades for increased torque capacity and improved shift quality within the severely restricted packaging constraints of the original design.
  • Release and calibration of Hydra-Matic transmissions for Chevrolet vehicles. Calibration improvements resulted in significant increases in fuel economy without compromise to drivablility or vehicle performance.
  • Accelerator, cruise, and transmission throttle valve controls design responsibility for all Chevrolet vehicles. Tasks included resolution of accelerator floormat entrapment, Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (MVSS) validations, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) inquiry response, legal interrogatory and lawsuit depositions to unintended acceleration investigations.
Designer - Chevrolet Engineering Center
  • Design and mathematical analysis of springs, linkages, stampings, and castings, creating several computer programs to assist my department with these design tasks.
  • Writing a Metric Limits and Fits Standard (ISO-286) for the GM Metric Engineering Committee.
  • Matching gear ratio selection to powertrain requirements by simulated vehicle performance and fuel economy with the “GPSIM” mainframe computer program, supplemented by detailed analysis of transmission and engine performance.
  • Drivetrain kinematics, gear configurations, and transmission layout.
  • Designing accelerator, cruise, and throttle valve (TV) control linkages.
  • Analyzing spur and helical gear designs to verify applications and select appropriate materials.

Professional Qualifications:

  • General Motors Institute (now Kettering University),Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Electrical Engineering Option)
  • Professional Development Courses in Acoustics, Radio Communications, Structural Analysis, Gear Design, Plastic Gear Applications, and Statistical Process Control.

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